Put deportation on the table

Andrew Bolt wrote a column on what needs to be done on the problem of islamic terrorism and immigrants who simply won't fit in. He is talking off the latest arrests of the muslim terrorists down in Melbourne. Here is part of the article.
5. Rethink immigration intakes.

There’s a million people desperate to get here, so doesn’t it make sense to choose those most likely to fit in? Yet we keep making the same mistake, particularly in taking in people from war-torn, tribal and backward countries who, as a whole, struggle to make the best of our help. Take the Muslim Lebanese we took in during the Lebanese civil war. Many did fit in well, but too many others ended up on welfare . . . or worse. In fact, the Lebanese-born are twice as likely as the rest of us to be in jail, and Lebanese dominate several Sydney crime gangs.

It’s not just a Muslim thing, of course. The Vietnamese are three times more likely to be imprisoned - and the rate for Tongans and Samoans is still worse. CRIME figures for Somali immigrants are harder to prise out of police, but figures from then chief commissioner Christine Nixon suggest that refugees from neighboring Sudan are four times more likely than others to be charged. Yes, these figures could lie, since some of these groups have a higher proportion of youths - always riper for strife.

But such figures, properly calculated, may indeed show we are importing problems we don’t need - problems that may even turn Australians against helping anyone. ......Yes, it’s hard to talk about such things without making many decent immigrants feel hurt. But ask what does more to set us at each other’s throats: frank talk, or terrorist plots on our soil?
What I think needs to be done, in addition to the above, is to change our immigration law to state that those who are convicted of crimes here are deported back to where they came from once their punishment is served. Now I know we don't have the balls to execute the Melbourne terrorists once convicted, but at least have the spine to send them back to where they came from. If we won't even do that, we might as well just 'revert' to Islam or do whatever the heck they want us to do.

In the above article Andrew Bolt talks about how Somalis have brought their various clan loyalties here to Australia with them. That's fine if they want to do that, stick with your clan and all that, but we need to make it official policy that at the first sign of trouble, you're on the first boat/plane out of here, and if the clan has a problem with then, they can piss off too. And when I say trouble, I'm not talking about just terrorism plots, I'm talking about things like stealing, raping, robbing, beating your wife etc.

Australia is a beautiful, largely peaceful country and we want to keep it that way. If people are not happy with the way it is here and they want to bring the same destructive shit from where they came from, then we should give them no quarter, no room, nothing but a ticket out of here and surrender your Australian papers on your way out. And don't for a minute think that we're being mean or something, in most Islamic countries we non-muslims have little to zero rights, so we would merely be doing as they do.

I also believe this shouldn't just apply to muslims, it should be applied to other nationalities as well, like those Tamils who attacked and brutalized some poor bastards because they lost the war back home. They should be on the first plane back to Sri Lanka once their sentences are served. It can be done, we just need the political will and the public support behind it.

I remember watching a program out of America a long time ago where they had a policy of deporting Vietnamese gangsters back to Vietnam after 3 tries, apparently they paid the Vietnamese authorities to take them back in. After a few of the scumbags were sent back, the remaining ones magically cleaned up their act. Yeah I know, shock/horror, who would have thought that, just amazing. We can do the same, instead of funding various multicultural wankfests, we can use that money to pay Iqbal back in Somalia to take these scumbags in and that'll be the end of it.

If we can't do it, then we're on track to becoming just another third-world shithole and here's the rub, where can we go to when that happens and we want to escape?

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