Jihad in Australia

I watched the evening news on one of the more popular channels today and they showed us quite a bit about the Melbourne islamist terror plots. The latest is that these scumbags were looking for religious approval from some Islamist religious figure before killing as many as they could. The thing that caught my attention was the amount of detail the news channel gave us about the terror plot. I watch the evening news regularly on the TV to try and see the news as most of my fellow country men would see it. I know that most of us have little time to scratch around on the internet reading news stories to see what's happening all over the world, so it's good to see things from that perspective.

The thing that surprised me was how much they told us today about the global jihad that is now threatening us on our very own soil. They told us about this jihadist organization called al-shabab operating over in Somalia and how some of these jihadis are linked to them. They showed us footage of an American traitor who was part of this organization, he was on camera planning an attack on the UN, yearning to kill as many as he could. They showed us that this al-shabab has tried recruiting here in Australia, how muslim Somalis over in America have traveled there and have been killed in the fighting.

We even saw footage of those savages over there killing each other and all that. Now I've seen most of this on the net so it's not news to me, but I couldn't help but wonder, where the hell did all this come from. Don't get me wrong, thanks guys for informing the public, it's only about 30% of what's actually happening, but where the hell was all this in the last 6 months? If I were just some average aussie watching the news, I'm sure I'd be like, huh, al-who, jihad across the globe, there are that many immigrants here from Somalia, recruiting here in Australia, what the heck is going on, why didn't they tell us about all this before?

I hope those folks who watched the news woke up to how much they really don't know and how much they desperately need to get up to speed on. There is a war raging across this globe and we cannot avoid it. It's all well and good to hear, form the prime minister to the police commissioner, that it's not all muslims and that they aren't targeting anyone and we are the world. Somalia is a long way away from us, islamists taking over there may not seem like anything to concern us, but here we are arresting jihadis who trained there. There is no escape.

Another thing I think that many of us ought to wake up on, these jihadis were planning to attack military bases with you know, soldiers, guns and shit like that on them. What did we think they were going to attack them with, sticks and stones! What happens if the next bunch ain't so stupid and decide to shoot up the local mall instead? Just recently some bastard was beaten to death at the Sydney airport, not a cop or security guard in sight and we the public are walking around bare-arsed with no guns or anything to fight back with. We're in the supposedly safer position of turning up to the gun-fight with sticks and stones.

Chew on that Australia while you're paying for the trials for these scumbags and wake up before we start paying in blood.

On a side note, I wonder how long it'll be before we hear of 'Australians' heading over to Nigeria to fight alongside Islamist fighters of the Boko Haram sect spreading their version of sharia law. And from there on, training and returning to wage jihad upon us. After all muslims left Australia to fight alongside their counterparts in Somalia back in 2007 and from there; back here to wage jihad upon us, today.

Have I already said that there is no escape from it and we best figure out our ass from our elbow before it's too late.

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