Let’s see the tolerance in Islam

Telegraph.co.uk - As the morality police crowded around her table in a Khartoum restaurant, leering at her to see what she was wearing, Lubna Hussein had no idea she was about to become the best-known woman in Sudan. She had arrived at the Kawkab Elsharq Hall on a Friday night to book a cousin's wedding party, and while she waited she watched an Egyptian singer and sipped a coke.

She left less than an hour later under arrest as a "trouser girl" - humiliated in front of hundreds of people, then beaten around the head in a police van before being hauled before a court to face a likely sentence of 40 lashes for the "sin" of not wearing traditional Islamic dress. The officials who tried to humiliate her expected her to beg for mercy, as most of their victims do. Instead she turned the tables on them – and in court on Tuesday Mrs Hussein will dare judges to have her flogged, as she makes a brave stand for women's rights in one of Africa's most conservative nations.

We are constantly told that muslims are very tolerant, peaceful and all that, so let's see some of this tolerance for once. I hope this woman knows what she's doing because history, recent and past, shows that she will be whipped into submission. And I fear that once she has been whipped into silence or murdered the world will soon go back to deluding itself that Islam is peace, love, tolerance and there is nothing to see or fear. After all the world has largely ignored the following instances of savagery, hatred and violence by muslims against Christians.

Compass Direct - Another Christian imprisoned for his faith in Eritrea has died from authorities denying him medical treatment, according to a Christian support organization. Sources told Netherlands-based Open Doors that Yemane Kahasay Andom, 43, died Thursday (July 23) at Mitire Military Confinement Center. A member of the Kale-Hiwot church in Mendefera, Andom was said to be secretly buried in the camp. Weakened by continuous torture, Andom was suffering from a severe case of malaria, Open Doors reported in a statement today.

Compass Direct - Islamic extremists today set ablaze more than 50 houses and a church in this town in northeastern Pakistan following an accusation of “blasphemy” of the Quran, leaving at least 14 Christians dead, sources said. The dead include women and children, with several other burn victims unable to reach hospitals for medical care, according to the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement. ......The same rumor of desecration of the Quran that led to today’s massive protest and attack in Gojra, 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Faisalabad, also prompted an arson assault on Thursday (July 30) by Islamic extremists on the village of Korian, seven miles from Gojra, that gutted 60 houses.

Compass Direct - The recent eruption of sectarian violence in Egypt’s Minya province continued last week as local Christians again faced harsh reprisals from Muslims for trying to convert a building into a worship facility. On July 24 security forces in the village of Hawasliya were able to prevent a crowd of Muslims, which numbered in the hundreds according to some reports, from torching the building. But the mob succeeded in setting fire to four neighboring stables, killing sheep and cows belonging to Copts.

Just about everywhere that Islam and muslims are dominant, there is little to zero tolerance of those who do not follow their faith. Usually it's just outright persecution and violence from muslims against them for any reason. Yet for some strange reason we in the west seem to be under this illusion that bringing more of them to the west, allowing them to set up mosques, schools etc is perfectly alright, nothing to worry about, go back to sleep.

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