Home detention now

Herald Sun - A RECORD number of criminals are being let out of Victoria's jails early to serve out sentences in the comfort of their lounge rooms. Eighty-three inmates were quietly released into home detention in the year to June 30. The rate of nearly two a week is the highest since the home detention scheme began in March 2004. And the Herald Sun can reveal three killer drivers and four drug dealers are among 33 criminals currently savouring the luxury of home detention.

......Under Victorian law, courts can impose home detention orders of up to one year, or the Adult Parole Board can let inmates serve the last six months of a jail term at home. ......Among criminals in home detention is cruel fraud Frank De Stefano, who stole millions of dollars from his accountancy firm clients and gambled their cash away at Crown casino. Department of Justice figures reveal they also include burglars, thieves, criminal drivers and drug offenders.
Well isn't that nice eh, for the criminals that is. So let this straight folks, our courts are already weak as ever, handing out soft sentences for criminals and now some of those weak sentences are served out in the comfort of their homes. And you can bet good money they're paid to stay at home, after all you can't allow them to leave home to go out and work now can you.

I don't know what's going to be next folks, are we going to just do away with jail altogether, it's all too hard, the poor things can't help themselves you know. Screw the victims, justice and all that, just let em' loose and then claim that crime is going down, since so few are being jailed anymore, isn't it great.

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