I hope he's slow-roasting in hell

News.com.au - TWO body bags were seen being taken from a suspected hideout of terror suspect Noordin Top in Indonesia after a raid by police special forces. He was killed during a raid on his hideout, local television reported. The television station did not disclose its sources and police have not confirmed the report, which came as ambulances arrived at the suspected hideout following a 17-hour siege involving heavy gunfire and explosions.

I hope they did kill the bastard, if they did, it'll be a reason to reach for Jack my old friend. This evil spawn of swine has killed more than a hundred of our countrymen and I certainly hope it was slow and painful for him.

Not 100% sure, but word is the fellow's been captured, if that's the case, let the beatings begin, time to make that swine sing, before it's put down.

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