Another chance to wake up - A PLOT by Islamic extremists in Melbourne to launch a suicide attack on an Australian Army base has been uncovered by national security agencies. The Australian newspaper reports federal and state police, armed with search warrants, swooped on members of the suspected terror cell this morning, as they seek to arrest Australian nationals of Somali and Lebanese background in what will be the second-largest counter-terrorism operation in the nation's history.

......Authorities believe the group is at an advanced stage of preparing to storm an Australian Army base, using automatic weapons, as punishment for Australia's military involvement in Muslim countries. It is understood the men plan to kill as many soldiers as possible before they are themselves killed. ......The cell has been inspired by the Somalia-based terrorist movement al-Shabaab, with two Melbourne men, both Somalis, having travelled to Somalia in recent months to obtain training with the extremist organisation, which is aligned with al-Qa'ida.
When I first saw the story this morning I was thinking, well here we go again, yet another bunch of muslims looking to kill some infidels because of who we are. At first the leftist apologists and surrender-monkeys told us that muslims hate us because we involved ourselves in Iraq. Now they'll probably tell us, this is because we are still in Afghanistan or some such. If it still isn't clear to anyone, it's because of who we are, whether we fight them here or there, fight them we must. They've been at war with us for centuries and they'll never stop until we're either dead or become like them.

The sad thing is that thwarting plots like these won't really make any difference in the grand scheme of things. Give it about two weeks and most will go back to some reality TV show or whether interest rates will go up. If we go to a Somalia, Pakistan or any other Islamic shithole on this planet, they will target us for who we are, the color of our skin or our Christian faith. What needs to happen won't, we won't start targeting them for who they are, we won't call on our politicians to change our immigration laws to exclude or curb muslim immigration. Some of us do get it, but not enough.

Yesterday I happen to catch part of a quiz show, long story short, this girl was asked who the biggest consumer of coal in the world was. There were 4 choices, Australia, China, India and some other country, could have been America. Anyway she said she honestly did not know but she took a guess and chose Australia. I didn't think she was stupid, just ignorant but what I found worrying was her reasoning behind choosing Australia as the biggest consumer of coal, according to her Australia had a poor record on our environment. I can't remember the exact words, but it was along those lines.

That just left me flabbergasted, she honestly thought that a communist police state has a better environmental track record than a first world western country with more environmental organizations and arms of government that you can remember! Even worse than an India where people throw their trash out onto the streets. Australia which doesn't even have a quarter of the population of either India or China, perhaps she thought that we're just burning coal for the heck of it or something.

I see the same ignorance at work when it comes to the above followers of the religion of peace. Just about everywhere in the world where they are dominant, there is little tolerance and outright persecution from them of anyone that is not one of them. Sure it's not every muslim in Pakistan or Somalia that wants to blow us all to hell, but it's more than enough and that's all you need. Yet we in the western world refuse to take this into account and act accordingly, thousands of us murdered on 9/11 didn't wake us up, hundreds murdered in Bali, Indonesia did not. Muslim terrorist plot after plot has not.

Perhaps when we are asked to pay some sort of poll tax in our streets and our women are told to cover up or else.... we might figure out our ass from our elbow and do what must be done.

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