The Euros do something good

Deutsche Welle - Cuba has filed a formal protest against diplomats from five European Union countries who visited the home of a leading political activist in Havana this week. The Cuban government on Friday summoned the ambassadors of Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Poland and Britain - the countries whose diplomats made the visit - to say they had threatened recently improved EU-Cuba ties.

Government press officers also summoned a number of foreign journalists based in Havana to complain that they had covered the event and allowed themselves to be "manipulated and used" by diplomats seeking publicity. "The message was of criticism about the visit, meddling in Cuban internal affairs and putting at risk the political dialog. It was a pretty strong move," a European diplomat was quoted as saying by news agency Reuters.

On Thursday, the diplomats from Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Poland and Great Britain visited the home of prominent Cuban dissident and physician, Darsi Ferrer, to bring his his wife food, clothing and other donations. Ferer was arrested and jailed on July 21. He faces charges of illegal economic activity for buying two sacks of cement on the black market to repair his house.
You don't often hear of those Europeans doing anything against communist & tyrant scum these days, but on the odd occasion that they do, they ought to be commended. If nothing else this will at least irritate those commie gasbags in Cuba. As you probably know, for totalitarian scum, any amount of irritation, even the smallest, is too much.

Speaking of the above, do commies even regulate the sale of things like cement, does some bureaucratic parasite have to oversee the sale of cement too? Is it because they don't want people to build or something, you can't build a second bedroom if you don't build one for your neighbor too, is that how it works? Do commies wake up every day thinking, what else can I do to stifle humanity?

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