EIT Huge Success!

Of all the "headlines" this week, such as:
"kennedy Dead"
(too-long-delayed karma for millions of aborted babies)
"Deficit NOT $7 trillion, It's Actually $9 Trillion"
(what's two trillion, more or less?)
"More Banks Fail"
(who can keep track anymore?)
"Cash For Clunkers Crashes"
(like we couldn't see that one coming?)
"Swine Flu Toll Might Reach 90,000"
(wanna guess how many die each year from REGULAR flu?)
...can you guess which one the media is burying the deepest?

"Waterboarding WORKED, So Americans LIVED!"

You can read the full report on EIT's (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques) at that link - heavily redacted, of course - but it sums up quite nicely with that headline.
...hmmm, didn't see that one?
Gee, it was the ultra-"progressive" aclu that filed a "Freedom of Information Act" suit that got the report released, so I have to wonder WHY the ultra-"progressive" media didn't trumpet the findings from every outlet they have........

Might it be that the techniques got us information that actually SAVED lives?
Could it be possible that the waterboarding that nanny-state pelosi did/didn't know about got us actionable intel that STOPPED terrorists from killing more people?

So where does that leave us in the War on Terror?
Pharoah won't even call it that - he calls it "overseas contingency operations".
...oh, and the same Attorney General who summarily dismissed voter-intimidation charges against Black Panthers who were packing a night-stick at the entrance to a polling site last year?
He's fixing to "investigate" the CIA operatives who got the information that kept Americans safe for the past half-dozen years.......

Shouldn't we Americans enforce our Constitution's law against Treason?
We could start with holder, America's "Top Lawyer", the guy who's SUPPOSED to be enforcing the rest of our laws....

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