Responsibility and Liberty

Daily Telegraph - RESIDENTS in poorer communities would be given vouchers to buy nutritious meals, while damaging levels of fat, sugar and salt in popular foods would be cut to make Australia healthier and leaner. Cigarette prices would also rise by about $5 a pack and some popular alcoholic drinks would be slugged with extra tax as part of a health blueprint to be unveiled by the Rudd Government. The Daily Telegraph can reveal that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's handpicked taskforce recommended a "health compact" between government and the $70 billion food sector aimed at improving the nutritional value of everyday supermarket items.
This is what you get when you embrace socialized health. If you look at the above, on the surface it's a tax on fat, sugar, salt, booze etc. Now many would argue that these things are not as bad for you as it's being made out to be, but for the sake of argument, let's just assume that the government are right, that salt, sugar, fat etc are all bad for you. Well so what if they're bad for your health, what business is it of the government what you eat and how it affects your health.

I'll tell you why and how, because of socialized health. What you eat and how you live your life has to be the taxpayer's business, the taxpayer is giving money to the government who in turn funds healthcare in this country with that money. If your neighbor was taking money from you every month, you would rightly want to know what he/she is spending it on, you are entitled to it. And if they are spending it on the wrong things, then you have a right to demand otherwise.

So in essence, your diet is my business and my drinking is yours. I don't like this, but this is what we want, enough of us are not prepared to take responsibility for our own health, we insist that everyone else must share the costs so we must be pushed around and hectored by representatives of the government. Or in this case pay a tax of some sort for daring to eat fat, salt and sugar.

If we refuse to take responsibility, we must be stripped of our liberty, we have not earned it and we do not deserve it.

And those of you pondering the joys of socialized health, take a good look, this is what awaits you further down the track, not the utopia that the snake-oil salesman is promising now.

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