Leftists on the side of workers?

Leftist parties always like to portray themselves as supporting workers, keeping people in jobs, keeping work in the country and as the best at protecting your jobs. Funny then, how the reality shows the opposite when the left are actually running the show and they get a chance to implement their various utopian fantasies to actually keep people in jobs.
Daily Mail - The number of jobless households has risen at its fastest rate since Labour came to power with almost five million people now living in homes where no one works. New figures reveal a massive 4.8million people of working age now live in a home where no one holds down a job. The data for April to June this year shows an increase of 500,000 on a year ago before the recession took a crippling grip on Britain. The percentage of households where no adults work is now 16.9 per cent, up 1.1 per cent on 2008, according to the data from the Office for National Statistics.
Read the whole article to see the level of the sorry saga. In summary there are now more useless parasites in Britain on welfare than there were before the left got the reins of power. What's worse, a lot of these useless parasites won't work and don't actually think there is anything wrong with sponging off those that do work. Now if you think that the left can be trusted to get these useless parasites back into work and to stop sponging off others, then shame on you!

Moving over to America and more evidence that the left are bad for jobs and unemployment. I saw this at National Review a while ago and thought I should post it here, it basically shows the unemployment rate in April for states based on which way they lean politically, democrat or Republican.

You'd think that if the left really were about lowering unemployment, providing jobs and such, that the evidence would actually show this. But that is not the case, you see the states that have always voted democrat or left, have the highest unemployment rate, while those that vote Republican, the lowest. The article doesn't mention anything about it, but I think it's also safe to say those 'blue' states also have burgeoning parasite-bases too.

The moral of the story, if you want to find work easily and keep your job, move to one of those red states, vote Republican and leave the parasites to fend for themselves. A final note to those tired of supporting useless parasites and contemplating moving to one of those red states; don't be a dumbass and vote for the democrats.

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