when will these idiots finally get the message?

A TAXPAYER-funded film titled Wrong Girl is being produced about the shocking Sydney gang rapes led by the notorious Skaf brothers.
The feature film, which has received $51,000 of government funds, will re-visit the ordeal of a 16-year-old who was sexually assaulted 25 times by a gang of 14 men in the year 2000.

Writer Nicholas Hammond said filming could begin as early as next month.
It was initially inspired by the case of the Sydney girl who was sexually assaulted over a six-hour period by the gang led by the notorious Bilal Skaf and his brother, Mohammed.
It was the first of a series of attacks by Lebanese gangs, sparking debate about the integration of Muslim men into the community.

Hammond hoped the film would be "provocative", and its aim was to "stimulate active debate about social issues".

"We're trying to make something that has more global ramifications, particularly between the Muslim and non- Muslim world, and explore the fact there's a lack of understanding there, which creates conflict," he said.

Article from: Sunday Mail (Qld)

So, according to this guy, Lebanese muslims living in Sydney form gangs and hunt Australian girls in order to rape them due to a lack of understanding on the part of both the muslim youths AND their victims?
Jesus wept!

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