Suck it up

Often, against our [tax payer] wishes, leftists get their hands on our hard earned dollar. There is simply no limit to how much money leftists would help themselves to given the opportunity, to fund one of their pet causes, from saving polar bears to coddling violent criminals. And anyone suggesting outrageous things like making lazy people work as opposed to living off welfare or asking natives to fund their own lazy lifestyles, risks incurring the wrath of the mad left.
Far-right MEPs have managed to club together in the European Parliament, getting enough members to form a political group entitling them to EU funds.
So there you go, leftists will have to sit back and watch as this group of right-wingers jostles and elbows into their rightful place at the EU trough. Just to rub it in, I’ll bet these MEPs are racists, hate Muslims, hate gays and probably don’t give a pig’s bum about the environment. I can hear the gnashing of teeth already.

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