What kind of a sickness enables a person to carry out something like this:

A DOUBLE bombing has killed 70 people and wounding 170 more at a Baghdad university, including teachers and many students blown up while waiting for cars to take them home, in the deadliest attack this year in Iraq.

Around 100 people were killed throughout the capital during the day, but the blasts at the Mustansiriyah University in the city's east were the deadliest.
Those killed were mostly young women, just leaving the university.

Will Allah be proud of the little filth who pushed his button, eventually killing himself while he killed these women? Is this what Jihad is all about? Is this the nobility of Islam? And what, on God’s good Earth, convinces these total psychopaths, including the one who thought himself a martyr (killing defenceless young women), that this was a good thing, a necessary thing?

This is the act of dickless cowards – evil, dickless cowards. Nothing more; nothing less.

Are we celebrating diversity, yet?

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