Why Gay Marriage Activists are so Dangerous – Take II

Following on from our two recent posts here and here, addressing this insane ruling from a Canadian court, the lefties are still thrashing about, clearly unwilling or unable to see the potentially appalling consequences of another of their pet cause ‘wins’. Let’s flesh out the possibilities here a little more, then. . .

By pretending (in a legal context) that someone is a biological parent (when they're not), you're effectively granting that person the same rights as the biological parent. Have we got that? So far so good?

Well, lefties, let me offer you a delightful little scenario:

Imagine a happy, loving couple (no sex, no pack drill). Person A has a child (by whatever external means). Person B is the partner, but not the biological parent. But that’s no problem. The happy couple now have a terrific precedent to rely on, effectively recognising Person B as the biological parent. Terrific.

Twelve months later, the happy couple suffer a most acrimonious split and immediately divorce. A month after that, Person B (who now despises Person A with a passion) hits Person A with a writ (quite possibly out of spite), suing for custody of the child.

Now, let’s say Person B is the better earner, presents extremely well, and performs really, really well in court, and Person A doesn’t (maybe their lawyer’s bad, maybe they just don’t have all their ducks in a row at the custody hearing – stuff happens). ‘Oh, but Person A is the biological parent,’ you reply, ‘the court will recognise that, as it has always done.’

Not anymore. The court now views them both equally, in that respect, and will judge the case on its merits, in terms of who can provide the child with the more stable environment.

The possible outcome is obvious. Person A, the biological parent (with all that implies), now faces the very real possibility that they will lose their child to someone who is not the child’s biological parent (with all that implies), and, just to add a little spice to the equation, who also hates their guts. . .

And before you reply with ‘This happens all the time when parents split,’ let me assure you that there’s a world of difference between seeing your child head off with its biological mother or father, and seeing it head off with someone who is not (and on more levels than I care to expand on in this post). . .

Still think this is such a terrific decision, lefties?

Only those of you who do not have children of your own would.

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