leading Iranian Muslim says liberalism is the enemy

Excerpt below from Riehl World followed by an extended extract of the speech concerned. The translation is in rather mangled English but you should get the idea:

Reports are surfacing that Hassan Abbasi is one of the Iranians recently arrested in Iraq. See Gateway Pundit, the Jawa Report and American Thinker for links and news.

Hassan Abbasi known by his friends as "The Dr. Kissinger of Islam," is the guru of the Islamic Republic's revolutionary guard corps which puts volunteers and recruits through rigorous training in four camps funded and run by the Revolutionary Guard.

This is said to be a translation of a speech by Abbasi, also available in pdf. It's a must read for Liberals, as Abbasi explains that the real enemy of the jihadists is Western Liberalism. So if you know any Liberals who can read and might actually understand it for those few seconds each day when they aren't hating on President Bush ... pass the link on.

The Speech:

The Anglo-Saxons, the English, the Americans, the Australians and the Canadians have a doctrine. Every nation's proverbs are its doctrine. This doctrine is convulsively dirty. They say if they tried to invade you, and you felt you can not resist, greet it, so that you can enjoy it!!!!

You be surprised, the basis of the knowledge of the international relations in the circle of Anglo-Saxons is this filthy English reportage and sayings!!! They instill this to nations that when you are being invaded, you know you can't resist, so therefore, greet it, so that you can enjoy it. Today the mechanism of invasion and attack on nations and people has four key topics:

The first key topic is: Human rights.
The second key topic is: Liberalism. They have translated it into freedom.
The third key topic is democracy and acceptance of people's vote.
And the fourth key topic is Civil Society.

They invade countries with these four key slogans. You need to pay attention when they(Iraqis) attacked Iran, there was nothing to fool our people to itself. The background of the invasion had no accepting premise, therefore our youths went, stood up, resisted and threw out the enemy. There is not a single span of our homeland in the hand of the enemy now.

But why is the groundwork for the West invasion has been accepted in the Islamic world now? Because many of the Islamic countries' leaders are screaming the same four mottos that are groundwork for invasion. There is no basic difference between the democracy which America talks about and those that our leaders speak of. There is no difference between the civil society that Jacque Chirac talks about than those that the Islamic leaders speak of. There is no difference in liberalism and freedom loving of what they say and what is happening in our homeland.

You guys have the free trade zones in this country. The free trade zone means the base of operations for liberal democracy!!! There is a marked difference between what our leaders say and what they do. You saw our great supreme leader, in the past three days, attacked liberal democracy three times!!! And that shows, no one, has belief in what he is saying!! The free trade zone, the free economic zones, that are being opened one day after another in our country, these are the main bastions of liberalism!!! One who has the smallest economic knowledge has to know that the innate nature of these free zones is liberalism!!! In regard to these free trade zones, it looks like what ever our leaders say, the rest do whatever they please!!! Why acceptance of the enemy's attack plan has become a normalcy? Because our President talks of civil society!!! And civil society is exactly that same excuse that the west has come here for!!! And it says we have come to bring reforms to everyone. Reforms in the Greater Middle-East.


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