It’s just his nature

We all know the story of the scorpion that stung the frog after getting a free ride on the frogs back across the river. “It’s just my nature”, the scorpion told the dying frog. In a similar fashion some people just can’t help making an ass of themselves, he’s an ass, it’s just his nature.
Sydney Muslim leader Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly has set off a new controversy.. "Westerners are the biggest liars, especially the English," the sheik said in translation. "The Anglo-Saxons came to Australia in shackles, while we paid for our own tickets."
Is that so, can we see your receipts then? How about what you have contributed back to this society, you paid any taxes Taj? And let me just say, as a recent immigrant who paid for his own ticket, if the sheik and his band of merry brothers had some to this continent before the English, chances are pretty high, I’d have been looking elsewhere for a better life.

Late last year, he really stirred the pot in Australia by claiming victims of rape were to blame for being raped and comparing them to uncovered meat, after much grilling from the public, he apologized and claimed he was taken out of context.
At the time, Sheikh al Hilaly claimed his comments were taken out of context, but on Today in Cairo he defended the remarks, blaming the media for the national outcry.

"This is a calculated conspiracy aimed at terrorising our Islamic community, aimed at me first in order to bring the Islamic community to its knees," Sheik Hilaly said in Arabic.
I must say the sheik isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw, hasn’t he heard of the internet, the speed of global telecommunications etc? He made these new statements in Arabic on Egyptian television, doesn’t he know we’ll find him wherever he displays his ignorance. And what is it with these fundamentalists, it’s always some grand conspiracy to get them, always some intergalactic organization plotting and planning 24 hours a day, just to get them.

In some ways it’s good the sheik just can’t help himself, it’ll serve to reminded us of some Muslim’s true nature, it’ll keep us focused in this frenzied world of the 24 hour news-cycle.

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