Useful idiots, well not to us

What would scumbag dictators around the world do without the help from these useful idiots? Before the Iraq liberation, they were desperate to get in to protect Hussein and his thugs, when that didn’t work and Hussein was smoked out, they demanded a free trial and whined loudly when he got the death penalty. In hindsight [now there’s a word leftists love] it was a good thing that few were told of Saddam’s swinging-in-the-wind episode, we just woke up to hear the old ratbag was gone, it spared us the crocodile tears, the candle-lit vigils, messages in bottles and theatrics in the media.
Peace activists visiting Cuba to protest the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay expressed hope Sunday that the new Democratic congressional leadership will help ease long-standing U.S. trade and travel sanctions against the communist-run island.

"I think it is about time we end the embargo and open up relations between the Cuban and American people," said Cindy Sheehan..
Just when the bucket was placed before Castro’s unwilling legs and the Cubans were about to breath sighs of relief, in comes the band of useful idiots, who I’m sure think it’s all the fault of George Bush and mean imperialist America, just to try and keep the commie haven going.

Apparently they think of themselves as professional human rights activists [more like professional parasites]; they are en route to some conference in Guantanamo and to have a good whine outside Gitmo’s gates. If only the media didn’t follow them around all the time, the folks in Gitmo could just open the gates and drag the lot of them in quietly for an indefinite period, and we can all go back to whatever it is that we get up to. What, it’s a win-win situation, they get to coddle terror suspects and we get some peace and quiet.

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