Celebrating Diversity

Here's a picture of the wonderful little bit of ordnance our delightful adherents to the Religion of Peace now have in their possession. . .

Of course, the lefties are focussing on everything but the fact that we have a group of people in our midst, of a shared ideology, who would love nothing better than to fire off a brace of these things in any downtown area you’d care to mention, just to show us all who’s boss.

Situation normal. It’s terrific to know we have such people about, isn’t it?

The Australian left; celebrating diversity. . .

UPDATE: image provided in order to counter the almost universally wrong versions (mostly RPGs) being printed by the MSM.

So - if, while on your way to work or out shopping for scones, you happen to see one of our 'peace-loving little friends' unshipping something like this so as to blow the crap out of your local Westfield (though in its telescoped form, the extension at the rear will not be visible and the sights and grip will be down), you'll know what to do: stomp the little b*stard before he gets a chance to transform it into the thing you see in this picture. . .

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