San Francisco Values

Now listen up your heartless conservative bastards and listen good, they have voted and we have Utopia, simple as that. It’s the law, so suck it up and deal with it, we now have Utopia because we voted for it.
Employers in the City by the Bay must now give paid sick leave to all their workers — even, in some cases, when they're not sick. One provision of the law allows workers without families to call in sick to care for a friend or neighbor — all on the boss' dime. Voters overwhelmingly approved the measure, which is the first law of its kind in the country.

It mandates sick pay for everyone from full-time cab drivers to part-time nannies. The law provides up to 9 paid sick days a year to an estimated 115,000 workers, including low-wage earners who, according to labor activists, can't otherwise afford to skip work. A local chef says he's either going to have to raise prices or hire fewer workers.
He also goes on to say that San Francisco folks don’t really think about the consequences of their feel-good schemes. Did you good readers know that the city of San Francisco now registers more dogs than children, I’m not kidding. Perhaps when the businesses close up shop and head elsewhere, they might figure out why, in between whining about delayed latte’s and long queues for their dogs to get fluffed, puffed and walked.

In other news, if this was anyone else other than darling-of-the-left [sorry Hillary] Barack Hussein Obama, the leftists would be tearing their clothes off at the insensitivity of what he said. After all, aren’t leftists always banging on about all cultures are equal and the bastard Christians are the real threat.
Senator Barack Obama has hit out at "malicious, irresponsible" claims that he was educated at an Islamic fundamentalist madrassa in Indonesia, insisting he has "never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim".
Good heavens, the man say it like it’s bad thing, read my lips, I have never been a Muslim, do you hear me, never, like he’s just been accused of something dirty and perverted, like having child porn. By the way, does Barack Hussein Obama know the punishment for leaving Islam?

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