Am I going soft?

Most of you would know by now, I’m not in support of Sharia law and bending over backwards to accommodate each and every minority in western society, things like Muslim-only pools, banning pork, female circumcision etc. Earlier JR posted on a Christian girl being banned from wearing a crucifix in a British school for health and safety reasons, that is just a pile of crock, it’s Christian hating leftists using any excuse they can to muzzle expressions of Christianity. I also believe the following is going too far.
The highest court in the southern German state of Bavaria decided on Monday that the state did not overstep its authority by banning Muslim teachers from wearing headscarves in the classroom. Bavaria's Constitutional Court decided on Monday that the state law banning Muslim women from wearing headscarves when teaching was not unconstitutional.

This latest legal wrangle over headscarves highlights the inconsistency of Bavaria's state's school law. It says that no-one is allowed to wear religious symbols in the classroom -- except Christians and Jews.
Apart from this last part that clearly discriminates against non-Christians and non-Jews, I don’t have a problem with Muslim women wearing the headscarf, I understand the supporters of this see the headscarf as a sign of separation and unwillingness to integrate, that may be so, but the next logical step would be to ban them from wearing their down-to-the-ankle dresses for the same reason and that is going too far, integration doesn’t mean people have to convert to Christianity or Judaism.

If they had banned all religious dressings/displays in the school, yeah ok, if you don’t like it go elsewhere. And while we’re at it can we get teenagers to stop wearing their pants around their thighs and to get a consistent haircut, not different lengths and one side green and the other orange, next they’ll be wearing their underwear outside their pants.

Having said this, I would support banning the niqab, which I believe is the full covering with just the eye slits, I draw the line there. Apart from the difficulty of conversing or engaging with people wearing this type of outfit, it also has other implications to do with not knowing the identity of the person. As we recently saw in the UK a wanted criminal managed to escape capture by wearing this outfit pretending to be a Muslim woman. If you want to come to a western country, we must be able to see your face, otherwise go away.

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