Who’s Doing the Hating?

They try and they try. . .

John Howard in hate row

JOHN Howard has been caught in a religious storm after taping a goodwill message for a fundamentalist Christian group accused of inciting anti-Islamic hatred.
“Accused” – an accusation found to be wanting, as the Court of Appeal subsequently found, and in quite spectacular fashion:

Last month the Victorian Court of Appeal threw out the charges brought in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal which had sought to jail Pastor Nalliah and Daniel Scot for allegedly inciting hatred, contempt, revulsion and ridicule of Muslims.
And throw it out they did, with, in my opinion, one of the appellate Judges drawing agonisingly close to finding that certain of the Tribunal's original findings (relating to what the Pastors actually said) were false (hoods?).

Islamic leaders last night condemned the Prime Minister for appearing in a DVD message for Catch the Fire ministries. The controversial movement has sponsored a major multi-denomination gathering in Melbourne on Australia Day. But the PM's decision to back the event has been described as "dangerous".

Muslim community leaders said Mr Howard risked legitimising hateful anti-Islamic views.
'. . .Legitimising hateful anti-Islamic views'? In what way, given the ministers involved weren’t expressing anything of the sort? That aside, I find it fascinating that a major multi-denomination gathering is seen as legitimising ‘hateful anti-Islamic views’. I guess you have to be Islamic. . .

"It sends quite a dangerous message to mainstream Australia that extremist views and hate speech is normal and justified," said former president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Yasser Soliman.
Oh really? Of course, all this wouldn’t have anything to do with this:
The outcry comes as Federal Police launched an investigation into inflammatory comments by Sydney's Sheik Feiz Mohammed, which included a description of Jews as pigs and calls for children to die as "martyrs of faith".
Don’t worry, Yasser - we know - he was taken out of context. But if it’s competition you’re really concerned about, we fully appreciate that the Islamists are in a league of their own.

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