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When Nancy Pelosi was made first female speaker in the US, the leftists were falling over themselves, first woman ever, the wretched “Man” has been shafted, the glass ceiling has been smashed, all hail Pelosi, bring on San Francisco values. We couldn’t blame Condi Rice for feeling left out, she’s a woman and she’s black, but she’s with Bush, so it probably doesn’t count.

Funny thing about Pelosi is she doesn’t fit the model woman that leftists like to shove in our faces as justification to make life easier for working mothers. She’s got it all, kids, grand children and a career. So us hard-bastard conservatives can now tell feminists whining about how hard it is for working mothers, she can do it, why can’t you?

It is a good weekend for leftists; Hillary Clinton is throwing her hat into the ring for the 08 presidential campaign. She could become the first female president of America, oh my Godless, only a lesbian could top Hillary now.
"I'm not just starting a campaign, though. I'm beginning a conversation with you, with America," Clinton says in her web message. She announced that she will be holding live, on-line video conferences with Americans starting Monday.

"Let's talk about how to bring the right end to the war in Iraq, and to restore respect for America around the world," she said.
Is that respect for America around the world or just old Europe, because it’s only in old Europe where doing nothing and appeasement earns respect, in the rest of the world, walking away or running whilst talking doesn’t earn any respect.
"Let's definitely talk about how every American can have quality, affordable health care," she said in the message. "So let's talk, let's chat... because the conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don't you think?" Clinton said.
What is it with these leftists and talking, talk, talk, talk, on and on it goes. Maybe they have seen that killing millions upon millions in places like Russia and China won’t work, so they’re hoping to talk us all into submission. Rest assured America, you’ll be paying for the healthcare of everyone else, and probably also that of illegal immigrants; as for respect.. oh you figure it out.
Clinton's announcement, days after Sen. Barack Obama shook up the contest race with his bid to become the first black president, establishes the most diverse political field ever.
Oh dear, however will the leftists choose their candidate, a white woman or a black man, on the one hand Hillary is a woman and without a doubt has been oppressed, discriminated against and treated unfairly by the hated white man, but she’s also white.

Obama, well there is slavery, imperialism, racism, profiling, but his mother is Indonesian and father is Hawaiian, there is also that Obama – Osama thing, but he’s a man.

So how will you decide leftists, will it the one most deserving of your coddling, or will it be decided on their actual policies, as in who can run from Iraq the fastest and open multi-lateral chat sessions with jihadist haters? I hear they are well experienced at grainy internet videos with unwilling participants.

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