Pink turns red

Back in December I posted about pop-artist Pink who had called for a boycott of Australian wool, she had joined up with those PETA parasites to shaft Aussie farmers.

Just heard on the news today that she has seen the light, and had released a statement on this late in December, contrary to her earlier anti-farmer stance. Perhaps someone had informed Pink about the true nature of those PETA parasites, the following is from her Australia website.
"I know that there has been a lot of media and political comment in Australia in response to my statements on behalf of PETA. Words can often be taken out of context and offered up to the media in a way that doesn't portray the actual sentiment.

I know there are many sides to this complicated issue, and I welcome discussion and information on the topic. I am absolutely open to meeting with Australian farmers and learning as much as I can about the wool industry.

However, I will always support animal welfare, and that is why I have the utmost respect for the many farmers who support humane practices in handling their sheep."
Good on ya Pink, maybe next time a bit more research would be in order before signing up with a bunch of loons to shaft real people’s livelihoods.

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