Time to fry us some leftists

By now you have no doubt heard of the latest outrage. Banning the flag is one thing but saying it is nothing more than a gang symbol.... If you know me, you will know it takes a hell of a lot to offend me, but I am truly lost for words that properly express how offended I am by that. That spits on every man and woman that has served, fought, and died under that flag.

Now do you people see why leftists need to be killed? Do you? This call to ban the flag is a direct result of their influence on society.

And I had to choke back the vomit when I heard pig-fucker fucker Morris Iemma expressing his outrage at this. Listen to me you miserable little fuck: It is your (and your fellow leftist) pandering to those Lebanese muslim pieces of shit that has caused all this. If you and your ilk would have done your job and cracked down on these pig fuckers without mercy the second they put a foot out of line, Sydney would not have such a problem and there would be no need for anyone to suggest such a vile ban.

And Rudd saying it is political correctness gone mad? It is you leftist fuckheads that have been pushing political correctness for years.

I’ve said it many times before and will say it again. It is time to exterminate the left.

Australia is long overdue for a civil war. The US is long overdue for a second one. The West as a whole is in desperate need of one. It will be a civil war between those who treasure our society and way of life and want to keep the greatest and most successful civilization in the history of this little planet and those who want to destroy it. The filth of the treasonous left has been allowed to fester for too long, and it has now become so bad that the wound can no longer simply be drained of pus. The whole limb must be excised.

A strangely fitting metaphor is Evil Dead 2. The protagonist's hand becomes possessed by the demonic forces and actively tries to kill him. He knows there is only way to prevent it from taking over his entire being, so he makes the decision and cuts off the infected hand with a chainsaw. And so it is with the left and our society.

They have become so completely corrupt they are actively working to destroy our society, so they too must be cut off. Stop wasting time. Stop pretending they can be reasoned with or made to see the light. My loyal crew and I are prepared to take the chainsaw to the infected part of the West's body. Time for the rest of you to fucking WAKE UP!

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