HE'S FREE--that's not a knife

"CROCODILE Dundee star David Gulpilil has been found not guilty of carrying an offensive weapon after a magistrate yesterday accepted that the machete he produced during an argument was used for cultural purposes.
The award-winning actor tearfully hugged his wife as he told her the news that relieving magistrate Tanya Fong Lim had dismissed his charge of being armed with an offensive weapon during a heated dispute."

I just hope that braindead Tanya Fong Lim one day has to confront an angry person weilding a machete--perhaps she'll shrug it off and tell herself that it's being waved in her face for purely cultural reasons?
And by her "logic" I ought to be able to produce a Lee-Enfield .303 rifle during an argument. After all, for me it'd be a cultural artifact, because my ancestors used that weapon to help secure my life and freedom.

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