has the Anglican Church sunk so low?

There's currently some controversy in New Zealand over an Anglican Bishop describing himself as agnostic. More HERE:
So far, another yawn.

I very much doubt that anyone expects the Anglican Church to behave much differently.
But this is where these bastards and their "God-Lite accommodate- all -beliefs -equally" moral equivalence really get up my nose:
I just got a 'phone call from someone I love very much. She's in Auckland at the moment and today she buried her beloved father.
The "reverend" officiating at the funeral service not only got her father's name wrong (3 times) her also introduced church politics in the form of the abovementioned controversy into the sermon.
So I just rang him. And was extremely polite. The conversation went as follows:

"good evening--is this Lloyd Cullen?"yes"I understand you officiated at ------'s funeral this morning."
"yes, I did"

"well, you've left a lot of people upset and offended"
"I did? How?"

"you got the name of the deceased wrong three times"
"I know that"

"and you introduced church politics into the sermon"
"I did, yes. Tough. And what gives you the right to speak to me like that?"

Lloyd Cullen, you're an arrogant self-absorbed bastard who used grieving people as an occasion to air your views about church politics. Some of that man's family will also be ringing you on (09) 480 2885 in order to convey their disgust. And I just found out that you conveniently "forgot" that the Last Post was supposed to have been sounded, you little pacifist a-hole.

Enjoy the 'phone calls from the family.

Update, from comments in Crusader Rabbit:

Jimmy said...
KG,As this beloved gentlemans only grandson i would like to add my personal thanks to you for posting this blog so others maybe aware of what this man has done. During the service i had to physically restrain myself from taking any action against this man for fear of disrespecting my grandfather, my family and the RNZAF(who's uniform i was wearing).
I am not a violent man by nature, but my jaw dropped and my fists were clenched at the words spilling from this mans mouth on a day that was suppose to honour my grandfather's life and be closure for his family and friends.I welcome any replies in support of this blog.

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