Oh, The Horror. . .

Wait for the shrieks over this one (chirping crickets). Of course, it’s been suggested before, and most recently by Vietnamese community leaders, to much - well - silence:

IMMIGRANT youths unable to settle in Australia should be forcibly repatriated, an African community leader has said.

Aguer Raul of the African Community Development Centre said that's the only way they would get discipline, because laws in Australia left parents unable to control teenagers once they turned 16. He said one option they wanted to put to the Federal Government was repatriating teens who dropped out of school and lived on the dole away from their families or guardians.

"They have been unable to settle here. If they were back in Sudan, they would have discipline - the discipline of the elders and local laws they could not ignore," he said. They will be good citizens there but here they will create problems, for their families and for the Australian community."

A knifing at a Keysborough cultural festival a fortnight ago has added to concerns raised by a brawl last year between Sudanese and islander youths in Sunshine.

Those silly Africans clearly don’t know what’s best for them! Fortunate that they have an army of lefty bleeding hearts and do-gooders to look after them, though, isn’t it?

Mr Raul has blamed government services, including the police, Centrelink and Department of Human Services, for protecting teens who want to move out of the family home after age 16.

He claimed parents or guardians were not being properly consulted when these agencies took action over breaches of the law or custody issues.
Welcome to our nightmare, Mr Raul. . .

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