No Real Terrorist Threat in Australia. . .

How did six ADF rocket launchers end up in would-be terrorist hands?

COUNTER-terrorism police are searching for six stolen rocket launchers after arresting a man for allegedly supplying five of the weapons to a suspected terrorist.

Taha Abdul Rahman was arrested at a house in Leumeah, in Sydney's southwest, early yesterday and charged with 17 offences over seven rocket launchers allegedly stolen from the Australian Defence Force.

Only one of the rocket launchers has been found.
Terrific. Now we get to the thrust of it:

Mr Keelty said the focus of the investigation was now shifting from how the rocket launcher got from the ADF and into the hands of a suspected terrorist.
I suppose this is the next most logcial step: find out who sold the damn things to these Islamist aresholes (sorry – Australian citizens, but actually - fuck that). I can offer a few guesses. One of them would be Islamist infiltration of the ADF, and for precisely this reason. Of course, this is nothing new. Fuck the anti-profiling crew. The possibility of smuggling is also out there (which would mean they're not ADF weapons). Either way, the authorities have so far come up with nothing.

What we do know, though, is where these rockets are heading.

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