Piracy is expanding now

LiveNews - Passengers aboard a luxury cruise liner have given graphic accounts of a brazen attack by speed boat pirates in the Gulf of Aden. The Oceania Nautica with 684 passengers aboard, including 50 Australians and some New Zealanders, came under fire on Sunday in notoriously dangerous waters between Yemen and Somalia.

The pirates were aboard two small boats fitted with outboard motors. "We didn't think they would be cheeky enough to attack a cruise ship," Wendy Armitage, of Wellington, New Zealand, told The Associated Press shortly after disembarking at a port stop in the Omani capital of Muscat on Wednesday.

"It was very minor really," she said of the attack that lasted about five minutes. "But it was a surprise that they attacked us, and they did fire shots." The captain ordered passengers inside and accelerated the cruise liner and outran the six-to nine-metre speedboats.
Would have been better if the passengers had been armed and had shot all the pirates and thrown them into the sea. Alternatively, if the ship was armed with some sort of weapons system and blew the pirates out of the water, that would have been just as good. That way, it would serve as a lesson to other pirates fancying their chances at the next cruise-liner.

Personally I think the time is long-overdue for someone to open the can on these scumbags, drop a big bomb on a group of them and make an example of them. This is like the wild west folks, you can't treat this like it's some sort of policing matter. Put the fair trials, courts, phone call and lawyers to one side and just take out some trash. When the pirates see some of their comrades going up in a giant ball of flames and smoke, they'll find alternate line of work, post-haste.

But I'm sure some bleeding-heart lefties would be upset over it. So they'd never allow such things to happen for long and would brow-beat us all into giving piracy a chance!

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