Another Episode in the Continuing Efforts of Environmentalists to Save the Planet

In Poland environmentalists were visiting a nature preserve when they unwittingly happened upon “an illegal logging site” in a nature park. To their horror they discovered that many trees had already been cut down and others marked for future felling. Acting quickly they contacted authorities to report the crime. Soon thereafter police arrived at the scene.

The police observed a stack of twenty recently cut trees as well as a number of the marked trees.
Then using modern forensic techniques they followed a trail that had been used to drag away felled trees to a beaver dam where they caught the furry criminals red handed as they worked on their new lodge (probably built without permits).

A police spokesman said: "The [environmentalists] are feeling pretty stupid. There's nothing more natural than a beaver."
The story is hilarious, but it demonstrates a common tendency of these people, which is a failure to follow the “trail” to the end before jumping to the conclusion that they need to save the planet. Hopefully, “feeling pretty stupid” will awaken them to the realization that they need do a little more investigation in the future. I wonder if they told the police that “the science is settled” that it is a man made problem when they were shown the beaver dam? Perhaps they'll stick to global warming in the future.

Source: Illegal loaggers were beavers

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