Justice, a cruel joke!

The other day I posted about a horrific gang-rape case over in the UK. At the time the scum who did it were still on trial and were not sentenced or anything. At the time, I expressed the wish that they be hung from tall lamp posts. Well, now the great, grinding wheels of what is called justice have finally squeaked and weaseled around. Below are their sentences. There were 15 boys involved, but they only mention 9, here's to hoping the other 6 jumped off some cliff somewhere and are providing much need sustenance for some species of vulture.
Daily Mail - Nine members of a braying schoolboy rape gang who carried out a horrifying punishment attack on a 14-year-old girl are behind bars today. The boys were as young as 13 when they took it in turns to assault their defenceless victim while recording it on a mobile phone. ......The nine teenage boys, including two aged 14 and 16 convicted of rape on the basis they 'aided and abetted' the attack, were given terms ranging from two years and five months in secure accommodation to indeterminate terms for public protection.

Judge Wendy Joseph QC sentenced Denton to an indeterminate term of detention for public protection and told him: 'You had power over the others. ......Judge Joseph ordered him to serve at least three years and eight months before he can be considered for release. Ibrahim received an identical term to Denton; Raymond received nine years in a young offenders' institution; Ryan was given eight years in a young offenders institution while Bartle, Vanderpuije and Brown were all locked up for six years. The 14-year-old was locked up in 'secure accommodation' for two years and five months because of his age while the 16-year-old was given three years and nine months in a Young Offenders' Institution.
So between 2 years and 9 years, that's what they got. When I posted the other day, some of you found the depravity of the case a bit much, so if you don't want to read the details, don't go below the fold. I will say this, I take no pleasure in posting this, I actually read all this late last night and had trouble sleeping most of the night. To be honest, with all the evil that I read about, sleep is not something that comes easily anymore.

I don't wish to read this sort of thing, perhaps it's not a good idea to read such stories but I feel we owe it to this girl and to other victims to spread the word, to ignite a sense of outrage and justice within ourselves, we owe her at least that. And when you think about what she went through, what the cops who dealt with this first-hand went through, what her family went through, our discomfort is nothing. In the article you will see her mother actually saw the initial disturbance, but didn't know it was her daughter or know what was actually going on so she didn't do anything. Can you imagine having to live with that, even though she wasn't at fault, the poor woman will blame herself for not rescuing her baby.

Read on if you can.
......In an impact statement the victim told how she has since attempted suicide, cannot leave her home alone and constantly has to look over her shoulder. ......Threatening to beat her up and stab her, the boys put her in a head lock and dragged her to a nearby block of flats. She was crying and fell to her knees as she was forced into a stairwell.

......The girl was then raped orally by the boys as Raymond got out his mobile phone to record the sexual assaults. ......The group moved to Trandescant House as Ibrabim began summoning more friends to the scene on his mobile. 'The victim knew, of course she was going to be raped again,' said the prosecutor. 'She could hear Ibrahim and others discussing her, saying there were other boys who would rape her badly. 'Eventually 15 boys assembled on the stairwell and she was 'raped repeatedly,' said Miss Merrick.

'The boys threatened her throughout, intimidating her and physically assaulting her. 'Ibraham slapped her face and pulled her hair whilst another banged her head against the wall and someone threw a bottle of water at her. 'She was spat upon, ejaculated on and abused whist she was on her knees in the stairwell. 'She broke down, turned her face to the wall and wept. 'The boys referred to this as crocodile tears.' She eventually escaped when Brown helped her to leave despite his friends shouting: 'We're not finished with her.'

In an impact statement read to the court the victim said: 'My whole world has been turned upside down. 'Trying to get back to normal has been very difficult. 'I used to have a lot of friends I used to go places. 'I used to like shopping and the cinema and meeting new people. 'I long for all that back - instead I feel like a prisoner having to look over my shoulder everywhere I go. 'Although I used to find the unexpected fun, the unexpected is now frightening and not exciting.' She suffers recurring nightmares and wakes feeling tired.

The teenager said she hates herself for not screaming more or fighting off the rapists but was 'frozen with fear'.
You think 2 and 9 years is enough! While all this was sinking in last night, I had a look around for some info on these 'Young Offenders' Institutions' and the 'secure accommodation' where this vile scum will serve their time. Before I get to that, let me show you their mug-shots.

You can see it can't you, apart from the fact that most of them are non-white, note the arrogance, the contempt. There is no fear there, no remorse, no shame, no contrition. They might as well just stick up the middle finger and tell everyone to go screw themselves. Perhaps you'll understand why they are not begging the police dog and anyone they see for mercy in those mug-shots when you read the following.
Young People (Juvenile Offenders)

The Prison Service provides secure accommodation for young people (formerly known as Juvenile offenders) aged 17 who are on remand, 15 – 17 year old males and 17 year old females who have been given a custodial sentence. There are approximately 2,600 young men and around 70 young women in prison service custody. They are held in Young Offender Institutions (YOIs).


When a young person is received into custody an induction takes place as follows:
* All young people are screened on arrival to ensure all immediate healthcare and other needs are identified and catered for.
* They are provided with a first night pack, including a phone card or equivalent and reading/writing materials.
* They are given the opportunity to contact families/carers within two hours of arrival.
* They are given information about visiting, personal property, pastoral care and the sentence planning, review and resettlement arrangements.
* They have a personal officer assigned to them whose role is to act as an adviser with whom they have frequent, purposeful contact and with whom they can establish good relationships.


The Youth Justice Board (YJB) for England and Wales and the Prison Service have a service level agreement which sets out the standards to be delivered in Young Offender Institutions.

The Prison Service's young people regimes are designed to meet the Youth Justice System's aim of preventing offending by young people. Key features of the regimes include:
* A child centred approach reflecting the spirit of the Children Acts of 1989 and 2004
* A special emphasis on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
* The provision of a safe environment for all young people at all times
* Special attention to every young person's physical, mental and social health, including the promotion of healthy lifestyles
* Daily involvement in a variety of activities in keeping with individual needs, abilities and potential – with education and training forming an important and vital part of the young people's custodial experience
* Staff who have received appropriate training and can act as ‘significant adults' and role models.


The Prison Service aims to involve each young person every day in a variety of activities, which are suited to their needs, their abilities and their potential. Apart from education and training some establishments provide enrichment activities, which can include programmes of drama, dance, music and clubs (e.g. computer club). Rewards and Sanctions schemes operate to ensure that good behaviour is promoted, recognised and rewarded. Each establishment will operate its own scheme, which is designed specifically for juveniles and aims to provide realistic and motivating incentives.

......Softer Uniforms

Introduction of the requirement that officers working in a young people's establishment, or unit wear a more relaxed uniform of polo shirts with either the standard uniform trousers/skirt or tracksuit trousers.

Healthcare [This is for normal prisons]

The Government is committed to an ongoing programme of work to improve the organisation and delivery of health services for prisoners. Health services in prison are commissioned by the local NHS, and delivered in partnership with the Prison Service to ensure that prisoners are given a service similar what they would receive if they were still living at home in the community.

Prison Health services are provided by a team managed by a healthcare manager. If a prisoner feels down or unwell and needs to see a member of the healthcare team they should complete an application form and give it to the nurse. They will be informed of an appointment date and time. If the prisoners' family or friends are worried about a prisoner, you can ask to talk to a member of staff to see what can be done. Healthcare teams are concerned about both the physical and mental health of prisoners.

The healthcare team will be able to deal with most health problems. Just as outside prison, it is generally up to the individual to decide whether to accept treatment recommended by the healthcare team.

If a health problem cannot be dealt with fully at the prison where the sentence is being served, a prisoner may be moved to another prison where different facilities are available. Alternatively, a specialist may be called in or a prisoner may be taken to an outside NHS hospital. If a prisoner is taken to an outside hospital, they will remain in the custody of the Prison Service.
Why would you feel shame, remorse, fear or contrition if you are one of these rapists? I mean, is it possible to make life any softer or easier for them? There is nothing to fear in prison, unless you're terrified of dance, drama, computer clubs, free healthcare and a complaints process if your feelings are hurt. All paid for by you, and in 9 years they'll all be back out on the streets and onto welfare or some parasitical behavior.
It's a cruel joke and we the people must put an end to it. The lawyers and the bleeding hearts won't do it, the politicians won't either, it's up to us to make them do it on the pain of being turfed out of their jobs and onto the streets.

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