Behold, the rise of the welfare-state!

Herald Sun - PENSIONERS and parents rushed the pokies yesterday just hours after receiving their Federal Government bonus payments. Excited by their extra cash, many pensioners headed to gaming venues before paying off their bills and buying Christmas gifts. Pokie operators reported a surge in turnover - some by up by 50 per cent - as the bonus payments were delivered across the nation. Staff at one western suburbs venue said pensioners were cashing in their cheques. Punters at the hotel said they were happy to gamble some of their bonus.

"I'm very happy with the extra money," said grandmother Josie Jakubowski, 82. "It's good to go out, have a good time, spend some money and enjoy myself. I can buy something now, especially for the grandchildren." A mother of nine said she was still waiting for her bonus, but still made time to play the pokies while her children were at school. By the end of today, $5 billion in bonus payments will have been distributed across the nation. The remaining $3.7 billion in payments are to be delivered by next Friday. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.
Yes grandma, it's good to go out and have a good time and spend some money, I agree, so how about a $1000 grandma, let's just sell some of the possessions you worked for eh. Come on grandma, cough up now, I want to enjoy myself too, on someone else's money. Aren't we all entitled to a decent holiday or a decent night out on the town, no matter who we are? What's that, no, oh so now that it's your money that's on the line, it's not so much fun anymore, funny that.

This is where it starts, the decline of a nation, put socialists in charge and they start handing out money willy-nilly. People start thinking that it's just free money that kevvie from brissie is printing in his basement. Isn't he such a wonderful fellow, so they keep voting for kevvie as long as he keeps providing the free bread and circuses. Once the welfare-base is established, along with the sense of entitlement it only expands. As more and more people realize they're just working to subsidize the welfare-base, they stop working or slow down and join the ranks of the welfare-base and vote for the likes of kevvie from brissie or any other politician who will keep providing them with the bread and circuses.

And you cannot wean them off it, it's human nature to take free money and keep voting for those who'll keep it coming. From the time we were children we lived off our parents, it's only when we got older and Pa got tired of our sh*t and we got tired of his 'under-my-roof' and he put the size-10 up our backsides that we got out and got a damn job.

The welfare-nanny state is a bit like that, except they don't have our best interests at heart and our tolerance of their 'under-my-roof' seems to be far greater than I thought, such is the aversion to responsibility.

What's worse, you who don't want to be welfare-queens cannot escape it, because in our system of government, everyone gets a vote, welfare-queen or not and eventually enough welfare-queens figure out that they can keep voting for the free bread and circuses, no matter how much the hosts wail about it. Who was it that said, 'Democracy is the worst form of government'? We cannot keep going like this folks, the welfare-base must be stripped of their power to drag us down this path.

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