Jihad and its stupid apologists

FOXNews - Barrages of rockets fired from Gaza hit Israeli towns Sunday and the Israeli air force responded with a missile strike as violence surged after the expiration of a shaky truce. One rocket struck a house in the town of Sderot, but no injuries were reported. The blast scattered rubble and furniture inside the house. "Everyone is traumatized," the house's owner, Maya Aviar, told AP Television News. A worker at a farming community near Gaza was lightly wounded by shrapnel in a separate rocket strike, the Israeli military said. Another rocket landed in an industrial zone in Ashkelon, a city of about 120,000 people 10 miles north of Gaza.
So what exactly was the point of the truce again? Oh yeah, so that them Pali-terrorists can rest, recuperate, stock up on bomb & missile supplies, train to kill more Jews and all that. I often wonder, every time one of these rockets come in from Gaza, why don't the Jews send back 10, since they have bigger and smarter bombs and missiles? Oh yeah that's right, Jews would rather NOT kill innocent Palis indiscriminately. Unlike the followers of the religion of peace, love and tolerance who go to distant lands, hunt down and torture a defenseless Jewish rabbi and his wife and murder them in front of their baby boy. And what does the rest of the world do and say, oh yeah, scream at Israel because they just can't get the missile-fairy to guide each one of their missiles onto only the heads of Pali-terrorists convicted at the International Criminal Court or something equally stupendous.

On a side note, well it's not really a side note, however this morning I happen to catch an article in one of the MSM newspapers about the cancellation of an Indian cricket tour that was scheduled for Pakistan. No, I did not hand over money or anything of value in exchange for this paper. Unless I'm looking for work or used-car deals, I refuse to give even one lousy dollar over for MSM newspapers. Anyway, coming back to the article, basically India decided to cancel its cricket tour of Pakistan in response to the Mumbai terror attacks. The terror attacks perpetrated by MUSLIM terrorists in the name of ISLAM.

The article was basically about how sad it would be for them Paki-Savages [that's me, not the paper], how they're going to lose on out 20-30 million, boo-hoo, how sad, isn't all this just terrible, sob, need a tissue, blah blah. I read the article twice, even after all this time, not a single mention that the Mumbai terror attacks were perpetrated by MUSLIM terrorists in the name of ISLAM. According to the article, they were just 'militants' of some sort, perhaps they were struggling with irritable bowel syndrome or something.

Heck, they didn't even mention that Pakistan was a predominantly Muslim country, which is very unlike the MSM, if Muslims were hard done-by anywhere in the world, they'd usually highlight it and try to make a big thing about it. Like all other people on the planet have socialized medicine, social justice and welfare! If you just arrived for Mars or came down in the last shower you might think Pakistan was a mysterious land of Amazonian pygmies or something.

Oh and in case you didn't know, the first story about the rocket barrages, yep, you guessed it, sorry no prizes for guessing correctly, again MUSLIM terrorists hating Jews and wanting to kill as many of them as they can, in the name of ISLAM.

Since the MSM is struggling to find its spinal cord, intestines, honesty, integrity, balls etc I thought I'd take it upon myself to remind/let you know.

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