Of stupid, useless so-called 'wars'

Daily Telegraph - THE State Government has declared war on weapons, vowing to end the wave of gun and knife crime engulfing Sydney that has claimed three lives in just two weeks. The state-wide crackdown, including a three-month gun amnesty, comes as the father of a teenager stabbed to death begged youths not to carry knives. Etikailahi Motuliki wept yesterday as he pleaded for an end to the senseless violence that claimed the life of his eldest son Andrew, 17, during a brawl on board a train on Sunday.

......His call was echoed by Police Minister Tony Kelly, who last night announced the gun amnesty will begin in March and a crackdown on licensed gun owners not safely securing their weapons. He also warned the full force of the law would be thrown at those convicted of gun and knife crimes. "If people want to use illegal weapons on our streets, police have the powers and the resources to catch you and there are tough sentences to lock you up for a long time," Mr Kelly said.
Yes folks, tough, tough, tough, tough [have I said it enough times?] laws and sentences, let's have a look at these tough sentences shall we.
ABC Newcastle - A 58-year-old man from Stockton, in the New South Wales Hunter, has been sentenced to six years in jail over a stabbing attack which left another man with life-threatening injuries.

News.com.au - A HEAVILY intoxicated woman who stabbed her husband to death with an antique knife has been jailed for at least four years.
Yeah, real tough, those sentences. Please forgive me when I wonder out aloud if this minister Kelly is actually talking about NSW, Australia or some other place, like some planet in the milky way perhaps.
Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show that almost 6000 legal firearms have slipped into the hands of criminals through theft since 1999. "We're sick and tired of gun crime," Mr Kelly said. "A life lost because of unsecured firearms is too high a price to pay. ......Police were yesterday investigating yet another drive-by shooting - the 16th in just three weeks.
What about the lives lost because victims are not allowed to defend themselves with weapons on our streets? I guess the price paid by them is not too high is it Minister Kelly.

I've been patiently listening over the last few days to people talking about the growing number of knife and gun crimes in our state. Not once has anyone asked why is it that our strict and tough gun & knife control laws have not prevented any of these crimes. Generally the feeling has been the bloody government must do something!

Some have even said that carrying a weapon for protection is un-Australian, that only cowards carry weapons, seriously where do people come up with this crap. Is it un-Australian and cowardly to protect your wife and children from scumbags, is it un-Australian to deter criminals or something? Is there something in the water that's suppressing the common-sense part of their brain? Is it only 'Australian' to stand quietly and get all your teeth kicked/punched out. What about all the police who carry weapons, what about the armed security/police our Prime Minister and Premiers get, how terribly un-Australian and cowardly of them!

The general consensus from the experts and just about everyone else is that the kids, teens and others are carrying knives to protect themselves, as in for self-defense purposes and this is apparently a big problem. They're all coming up with various programs and expensive schemes to try and tackle this epidemic of people wanting to defend themselves, no really. So far I have not heard anyone come up with any ideas of taking away the reason why people are choosing to carry weapons to protect themselves.

Not much will be done about the criminals running around, not much will be done about the gangs that control the streets and who are terrorizing the kids. Unless you consider the tough, tough laws that have so far failed us but will succeed if you just give them another lifetime, as doing something!

Unfortunately, the elites running our state and too many among us don't have the brains to know that there is a fundamental difference between a person carrying a weapon to protect themselves and one carrying a weapon to commit a crime. I'm not sure if they don't get it or won't get it. Either way, until you take away the reason to carry a weapon for self-defense, you'll just be going round and round in circles and screwing over the person with no criminal intentions.

And so, the state will pass more useless laws like we keep screaming for and those fearing for their lives will have to keep breaking them and more innocents will keep dying until someone figures it out. Punish the ones that commit the crimes, not the ones that merely want to protect themselves. It's amazing how that can be such a simple concept and yet it would seem, tremenduously difficult to grasp, at the same time.

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