Muslim grievances?

Pakistan Daily - At least six people were killed and eight injured on Friday when an explosives-laden vehicle blew up in Kalaia area of Lower Orakzai Agency, said the political authorities. The administration officials told Daily Times that the suicide bomber was trying to target a local fair, but the vehicle blew up before reaching the site when a petrol pump’s guards started firing at it.

Pakistan Daily - A car bomb explosion outside an Imambargah near Peshawar’s historic Qisakhwani Bazaar killed at least 22 people and injured more than 90 on Friday. Imambargah Alamdar Karbala and several adjacent buildings in the Kocha Risaldar alley were damaged and the ensuing fire engulfed buildings, markets and vehicles.
The above must be because of all the grievances that Muslims have right? I mean, that’s what we’re told was the real reason behind the murdering in Mumbai and elsewhere. So a shooting here, a bombing there, a beheading next door, it must be because someone else hasn’t addressed their various grievances, a sort of angry, violent socialism. You will provide me with welfare and healthcare or else!

It’s such a pity isn’t it, that these poor, poor Muslims are living with so many grievances when everywhere else on the planet it’s utopia. In places like most-of-Africa, Burma, North Korea, China, South America, Haiti, the slums of Rio, the slums of Mumbai and Calcuta, there are no grievances, life is good there you know.

They have socialized medicine, welfare, jobs, rule of law, gay rights, democracy, minority rights, public education and social and economic justice to boot. It’s all good folks, there simply cannot be any grievances there, after all if there were any grievances, wouldn’t they be strapping bombs to themselves, slinging AK 47s and gunning down as many Jews and Americans as they can find?

Yeah, those poor, poor muslims, living under the boot-heel of Jews and AmeriKKKa. Denied their social justice, their welfare, access to public transportation and ’sustainable’ living, such a shame. Well, at least they have their sacred religion of peace, love, tolerance and understanding!

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