Reaping the bitter pro-abortionist crop

LifeNews - Planned Parenthood and dozens of other abortion advocacy groups presented their wish list to incoming President Barack Obama in a secret memo last week that wound up published on the transition team web site. In the memo the nation’s largest abortion business requested $4.6 billion in taxpayer funding for abortion and other efforts. Jim Sedlack, the president of STOPP International, a Planned Parenthood watchdog group, compiled the total amounts of funding requested in the memo and said he was shocked by the amount.

“When reading Planned Parenthood’s plan for the Obama administration, we were struck by the massive amounts of money it would take to implement it,” Sedlack told “Especially in this time of economic hardship, it is particularly galling that PP would seek to further fatten its coffers at the expense of the American public.”

Other high-priced goodies Planned Parenthood requested from Obama include $120 million for abortions by striking some of the current budget restrictions that prevent taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortions except in very limited circumstances. The abortion funding would also include $65 million for the UNFPA, the United Nations population agency that has been involved in the China program limiting couples to one child and forcing them to have abortions or sterilizations when they don’t comply. Hat tip My Daily Trek.
We are often told that the majority of people are not in favor of abortion-on-demand and are only open to abortion as a last resort. Well they were all warned prior to the election, that Obama's record showed he was more pro-abortion than the abortionists themselves. Not enough listened and not enough paid attention and chose to believe the bull-excrement about hope and change. Now the time has come, they want 4.6 Billion of your money for their wicked trade.

I realise that this is just a wish-list and Obama has not put his stamp of approval on it yet, but wait folks. Obama is not stupid, he's not going to pull the troops out of Iraq, beg terrorists for forgiveness, start growing organic peas and what not to placate his mad-left base. However he cannot deny them everything, he'll have to give them something.

Leftists and pro-abortionists might wax lyrical about how your taxes must never be used to promote Christianity in any way [Islam is OK], but I'm 99% sure that their yearning for the separation of taxes and personal beliefs will evaporate very quickly when it comes to your money funding abortion in your country and overseas. They want their little pounds of torn-up unborn baby-flesh any way they can get them and if you think they will leave your money alone just because you don't believe in abortion, you're on some strong chemicals.

Back during the campaign Obama waffled a lot about enacting policies that will ultimately lower the number of abortions. The left were happy to scream their stupid, 'Bush lied, thousands died'. When the bitter crop of the most pro-abortion president in American history are being reaped, perhaps we need our own chorus, 'Obama lied, babies died"?

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