Stupid Leftist Federal government aims to make accommodation for the poor harder to find

More of those "unintended" consequences of Leftist policy. Sounding good is really all that matters to them. Too bad if the results are the opposite of what is intended. The big bugbear for people providing rental accommodation to the poor is bad tenants. So making it harder to get rid of bad tenants will simply drive more landlords out of the business of providing such accommodation and thus reduce the supply. I used to be a provider of such accommodation myself but when difficult tenants got too much for me, I sold all my houses to owner-occupiers. If ratbag Rudd really wanted to help the decent poor he would make evictions EASIER

Landlords could find it harder to evict tenants under a Federal Government plan to halve homelessness by 2020 and better protect lodgers. The Government's $7.3 billion package also includes a brokerage fund to provide mortgage top-ups and extra security for victims of domestic violence.

The joint Commonwealth-state Road Home white paper, released yesterday by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, sets ambitious legislative reforms and interim targets to 2013. It aims to reduce the rate of homelessness in 2013 from 53 to 40 per 10,000; more services and specialist workers. "A country like this should not have this problem. As a nation we can do a lot better than that," Mr Rudd said. About $6.1billion of funding was previously announced but Mr Rudd and the states yesterday pledged an extra $1.2billion over four years - which the Government said would help create up to 10,000 [bureaucrat] jobs.

A key plank is keeping people connected to family networks and in their homes. The Government will review the impact of without-grounds termination clauses on homelessness in state legislation and the lack of legislative protection for boarders and lodgers. Legislation in many states allows landlords to evict tenants even if they have not breached their agreement, which lobby groups argue enables retaliation and discrimination. "Most state and territory tenancy legislation permits without-grounds termination of a tenancy agreement by a landlord," the white paper said. "As a result, a tenant may be legally given notice and forced to leave their rented home through no fault of their own. "In such a circumstance, people become homeless if they are unable to find other housing that is suitable or affordable."

The review has been welcomed by Tenants Union of Queensland co-ordinator Penny Carr, who said without-grounds evictions would remain in new Queensland legislation to be enacted next year. "We think the introduction of just-cause evictions would be a major step forward," Ms Carr said. She denied investors would be markedly impacted by changes.

The Commonwealth and states will also jointly sponsor a brokerage fund to keep victims of domestic violence in their homes. It will help pay for installing deadlocks, screen doors, security lighting and home alarms, plus fund short-term subsidies or mortgage top-ups.


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