Who said crime doesn't pay!

Daily Mail - Drug-addicted prisoners have received compensation because their human rights were breached when they were forced to go cold turkey, it was revealed today. Around £11,400 was paid to three inmates at Winchester Prison in Hampshire after a court ruled that it was a breach of their human rights to deny them drugs such as heroin and substitute substances.

......The FoI request also revealed that one prisoner was given £14,250 because he was assaulted by a fellow inmate. Other successful compensation claims at the Victorian category B jail included £6,623 for a 'slip, trip or fall', £5,000 for a "sports injury" and £9,000 for a mysterious 'miscellaneous injury', the Echo reported.
Gee, I thought prison was like a bad place, a place to be avoided, a deterrent to committing crime, not a place to score money for your various grievances and issues! You know what's coming soon don't you. Since they're given compensation for being forced to go cold-turkey, the government is going to have to provide drugs or replacements to the prisoners. Don't be surprised if some bleeding-heart somewhere decides that druggies out there who are on welfare ought to be paid extra money to keep their habit going.

They'll frame it something like, imagine the injustice of having to go cold-turkey because you don't have any money! They might even say to politicians, oh give them the money for drugs, otherwise they'll turn to crime to fund their habit, think of the suffering and the lack of social justice, it's only a few dollars you selfish bastards! And since government is not actually some sort of charity or business, they'll have to pay for all this somehow. That's where you come in.

One has to wonder when people will get sick and tired of paying for others, especially the parasites and vermin of the world. We're already forced to pay for the healthcare of bums, losers and other assorted trash, we have to kick in for welfare so losers can continue pilfering valuable oxygen, and now we'll probably have to cough up for crackheads and druggies as well.

Are people going to wake up soon or will it have to get far, far worse to the point that it's so bad that everyone just stops working. We all refuse to work and just turn up at the welfare office and suck the life out of the country. Break the whole bloody thing down and start all over again. The way we're going, I don't know folks, something's gotta give.

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