Defenseless thanks to gun control

SMH - Two men will face court after a woman was shot dead during a break-in in the state's west early yesterday. The woman was found dead in her home on Rogers Street in Kandos, near Mudgee, about 2am on Wednesday, police said.

SMH - A 17-year-old youth has been charged after a man was repeatedly hit on the head and body with a claw hammer during a Sydney home invasion. The 56-year-old was attacked in his Hayman Street home at North Richmond about 7.15pm on Wednesday after the youth allegedly broke into the house with two other men, police said.
Thanks to gun control, neither of these victims would be allowed to carry a loaded gun to protect themselves. No, they're are only allowed to 000 dial-a-prayer and hope for the best. And the gun-grabbers would insist they are far safer this way.

The gun-grabbers cannot prevent the criminals from carrying weapons as you can see, but it never filters through their thick skulls that since they cannot do this, naturally they should not hinder us from protecting ourselves with weapons. That's just too complicated a concept for these morons.

Sorry to bang on about this folks, but it frustrates me to no end that we are not even free to look after ourselves in our own damn homes. The most annoying bit is not that they cannot keep us safe, but that they won't let us do so ourselves. Everywhere you turn are these nannying, fascist scum lording over us and you cannot find a single place where you are free of the wretched bastards and their blasted ideology, not even in your own home.

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