At the bottom of that slippery slope

Daily Mail - An international hunt is on for a boy whisked away by his lesbian mother after a custody battle with his gay father. Ashley Skinner, seven, was last seen by his father Michael Turberville four years ago. He is thought to have been taken to Australia last year by his mother Joanne Skinner, a trade union worker. ......Mr Turberville spoke yesterday of his despair at missing vital years of his son's life. Ashley was born after his father advertised for a woman he could have a child by.

......Both were in relationships with same-sex partners when they decided to embark on parenthood. They tried home insemination nine times before they succeeded. Mr Turberville said he was puzzled that Miss Skinner refused to put his name on the birth certificate but said everything went well for the first three years. ......'Then just after his third birthday Joanne and I were talking and she suddenly said "I don't know what you are concerned about, you have no say in the matter".'
And here they are. I guess this is what happens when children are viewed as entitlements, when homos and lesbians are allowed to get married, when a child can legally have 3 parents, when pretty much anything goes. Well too late now Turberville, the horse, or in this case the lesbian, has long bolted. Many of us Conservatives warned of that slippery slope, but few wanted to listen, they hurried and stumbled merrily down the slope. Didn't give a damn about the consequences and where all this would lead, the children always the last on their list of concerns.

Now the British high court has allowed the boy to be named and his picture shown, so there goes any hope of anonymity for him. Imagine what life will be like for that little boy as he grows up cos everyone knows now, his old man's gay and his mom's a lesbian. You know what bullying is like in schools these days, bullying is strictly banned. So just like gun-control you can assume it's bloody useless and probably worse than we think. So thanks to the selfish and irresponsible nature of his so-called parents, the weight of defending them falls on his own shoulders.

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