Interesting news from around the world - RESIDENTS at certain addresses in the Gaza Strip have been receiving unusual phone calls since the Israeli air assault began on Saturday - a request that they and their families leave their homes as soon as possible for their own safety. ......In some cases, the warning comes not by telephone but from leaflets dropped from aircraft on selected districts. Such warnings clearly eliminate the element of surprise, but for Israel it is of cardinal importance to minimise civilian casualties, and not just for humanitarian reasons. ......Israel Radio reported that leaflets had been dropped at the beginning of the operation in the Rafah area near the border with Egypt, warning residents that the tunnels to Egypt through which weapons and civilian products were smuggled would be bombed.
Do HamASS and all the other terrorist scum do any of this when they send their rockets (7000 to date) or homicide bombers into Israel? No way, that would kind of undermine their aim of trying to kill as many men, women and children as they can wouldn't it. Surprisingly, few around the world, see them for the vile scum they really are. Well it's not that surprising, the man-in-the-street only hears about Israel's attacks, nothing about the build up and provocation, so he doesn't know the full story. That's thanks to the MSM elites who bring them their news and we know, they're not really interested in Israel's side of the story, they'll swallow anything those Pali terrorists dish up to them.

In other news, President-elect of Planet Earth, B. Hussein Obama is strangely quiet on the Israel/Pali fiasco. Does anyone know if he received any campaign contributions from the Palis, I seem to recall hearing something about that. Or were those just expressions of support and good will from the worlds scumbags? Perhaps this is why he's keeping 'mum' about it, or is it because he has nothing good to say about Israel, he is just not saying anything at all, small mercies I suppose. But still, it must drive those on the mad-left into gnashing their teeth over his lack of condemnation of Israel for not being good little Jews and sucking down them kassams. So I thought I should show the mad-left what their great leader is doing, while their terrorist buddies are catching it from the IDF.


I wonder if Michael Moore will make a movie soon, maybe even a 60 second youtube clip, in his usual fact-free, smearing style to bring you 'the truth'. Play some violins and all that, the poor HamASS freedom fighters all alone and abandoned, tug at them feeble western heart-strings. Please give terrorism a chance or something to that effect.

Still on the left and their global warming hoopla that's going to melt all the ice and prompt the oceans to angrily rise up and consume us wretched humans as punishment for our sins against Gaia.
Daily Mail - Britain awoke to freezing conditions this morning with much of the country blanketed in a layer of frost. Temperatures in parts of northern Scotland fell as low as -8C while London also experienced sub-zero conditions. Meanwhile forecasters warned that this week is set to become even colder with New Year partygoers having to brace themselves for snow flurries and sleet as the cold snap tightens its grip on Britain. ......Thermometer readings in England could even plummet to -10c (14f) or even lower next week.

Britain will be colder than Iceland and Norway as winds from Siberia chill the country, diverting the wet weather that normally sweeps the UK. ......'The average for this time of year is seven or eight in the South and about six further north. ......Such a chilly New Year would follow the coldest start to winter for 30 years and the coolest year globally this decade.
I think you can safely expect the calls for the world to 'bloody do something' to hinder humanity's progress to prevent the planet from burning to a giant crisp to grow ever more shrill as the planet refuses to warm, but actually freezes. Which brings me to another point, back in the 80s or was that 70s, they were loudly telling us that the planet would freeze over, but that didn't happen. Instead the opposite happened right, it warmed a bit. Now they're screaming that it'll burn and it's freezing instead. Geeeez, can they get anything right?

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