Backchannels. . .

What fun we have, watching new comments come in on older posts. In fact, a real cutey popped in just yesterday, commenting on this post: English tourist detained for carrying $100,000.

Remember that one (mobile phone up the clacker, mucus secretions, etc)? Remember the comments? Well, here was a very recent drive-by deposit to that old thread:

I dont know why people are discriminating because of the muslim name, it seems you are all a bit narrow minded! i myself am not a musim .
And maybe the phone was put in that particular place after he got caught and it would be a way of contacting people, so its actually not that dodgy!

Anonymous 12.16.06 - 7:41 am #
Hmmmm. Apparently we were being nasty. Naughty. I certainly felt compelled to answer, though. Feel free to do likewise. . .

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