English tourist detained for carrying $100,000

just a tourist, eh? I doubt it.

November 18, 2006 01:00am
A MYSTERIOUS English tourist has been locked up while police investigate why he was carrying more than $100,000 in cash in Surfers Paradise.
Mohammod Azizul Islam, 22, was arrested in Surfers Paradise on Thursday after he attempted to pay a Surfers Paradise Transit Centre bus driver cash to take him to Sydney.Southport Magistrates Court was told Mr Islam was talking on a mobile phone when he was found by police.
But when he was taken to a police station, police found another mobile phone.The phone was covered in a mucus-type substance believed to be anal secretions.Police found $117,944 in cash in Mr Islam's bag.Most of the money was in $50 notes.

somethings smells here and it's not just the "spare" mobile 'phone....and what grade of dipstick tries to hire a local BUS for a trip of around 1,000km?Where the mobile was hidden isn't hard to imagine, but hiding it there without using a condom is.And whats with the "English tourist" bit? He may be travelling on a Brit passport but he's about as English as oh, I dunno.....as English as Bin Laden?

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