Leftist treachery

Remember the recent Israel – Hizbullah war, Israel had the jihadist scum by the throat, granted they bled their fair share, but when given the go-ahead, the IDF was flaying the skin off the jihadist’s bums. However due to a weak leftist leadership and mass squealing from leftist Eurabia that not enough Jews were being killed for it to be a fair war, Hizbullah was spared the final neck breaking they had deserved.

I’m sure leftists must be happy now, all out war and a final settlement was spared, they get to keep their clipboards and get to view more Jew-killing and that is exactly what they will get, along with more Muslims as well, but that’s ok, a necessary loss in the greater scheme of things. An exclusive from Jerusalem Post.
Warning that Israel may face a "Syrian intifada," a high-ranking officer in Northern Command has told The Jerusalem Post that villages recently built by Syria along the border are planned to be used as "death traps" for IDF troops in Hizbullah-inspired attacks.

Over the past two years, Syria has built a number of villages along the border with Israel, some inhabited and some not. "Syria drew motivation from Hizbullah's surprise success this summer," the high-ranking officer said. "They now want to copy that type of guerrilla warfare."

According to the officer, Syria has drawn three major lessons from the war and has begun to implement them. The first is that rockets - 4,000 struck northern Israel during the 33-days of fighting - can paralyze the home front. The second is that antitank missiles can penetrate the Merkava tank and force infantry units to abandon armored personnel carriers and trek into enemy territory by foot. And the third is that in villages and cities the Israeli Air Force's abilities are limited and IDF ground forces can be defeated.

The Syrian military, the officer said, was conducting urban warfare exercises in preparation for the possibility of a war with Israel. Syria, the officer said, has since the war ended, transferred truckloads of weapons and missiles to Hizbullah. Due to the convoys, Hizbullah, he said, was almost back at its full strength where it was before the war with Israel.
Mission accomplished, whinge and whine like a bunch of stuck pigs till the IDF is called off sparing the jihadists so they can re-arm and re-group and leftists will be stopping there. Just a few days ago presidential loser, John Kerry, was busily undermining America by coddling Syrian president Assad, in a meeting dubbed positive, very constructive and was conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Yeah, you guys build those villages and let the terrorists into Iraq, I’ll shaft Bush anyway I can, screw the troops and to top it all off I’ll go over to Israel and tell them a whole pile of crap like the relationship between the United States and Israel was "indisputable."

Rest assured folks, like everything that leftists do, they’ll never be held accountable for anything, it won’t be leftists paying the price for their treachery, it’ll be Innocent Jews and Muslims caught up in the mayhem, it will be IDF and Coalition forces in Israel and Iraq who will have to bleed while cleaning up leftist mess.

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