Because they can

Well, how else can you explain it; see two examples below of Jihadist arrogance. They possess neither the military might, the cultural/technological superiority, not even the moral high-ground, but they do it anyway and get away with it only because we let them.
Iran's parliament voted Wednesday to urge the government to re-examine its ties with the U.N. nuclear agency following a Security Council decision to impose sanctions against Tehran over its disputed nuclear program. The move signaled that Iran was likely to reduce its cooperation with the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency.
Yes, that’s right, after all the waffling and bore-you-to-death lectures by bludger* Kofi Annan and EU diplomats, Iran has given us absolutely nothing. And now they are threatening to concede even less!!

Remember that cease-fire, no the defeatocrats haven’t managed to raise the white flag outside the Green zone in Iraq yet, they haven’t managed to “break” the US Army from within yet, I’m talking about Israel and Palestinian Jihadists who wish to move them to a new location with splendid sea-views all round. Those of you, moderately informed on world affairs, would know there is a ceasefire in place, and now those wicked Jews are working to tear it all up.
Palestinians warned Wednesday that Israel's decision to target Kassam cells in the Gaza Strip will lead to the total collapse of the current cease-fire.
At some point in the past weeks, while we were asleep [I hope], the definition of ‘cease-fire’ changed; it went from both sides go home and sit quietly to one side [Jews] go home and sit quietly while the other carries on firing away.
International opinion is not even aware that some 60 rockets have been unleashed on Israel during what's purported to be a cease-fire. But even "little damage" can undermine a town's economy, its social fiber and its psychological fortitude. Sderot's nerves are plainly frayed.
I have to wonder if the international opinion gives a rats bums about it, after all it’s all the way over there and there is that Donald Trump and what’s-her-name slanging match to get in on. I suppose I can’t accuse anyone of indifference when the even leftist Olmert government does give a pig’s bum about them either, you see they are about to hold “backdoor” negotiations [whatever that means] with the Jihadists.


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