Our very own flip-flop

Americans have their own flip-flop in Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, he was against the war but voted for it, supports the troops but slanders them at every opportunity etc.

A few days ago I was happily posting that Australia’s new opposition leader was going to shaft the leftists, kick the Greens and just might be worth looking at. As readers predicted, he’s not so sure now.
Three years ago he declared himself "an old-fashioned Christian socialist", but yesterday he was busily denouncing socialism and also backflipping on a 2001 push to remove it from the ALP's constitution.
So he’s not a socialist, then he is and he is not going to push for taking it out of their constitution, ok I think it’s fair to say he is a socialist. A few days ago he was banging on about free dental care (not big on details though) for the masses, he must have missed the wholesale rejection of the last Labor Lunatic’s Medicare-Gold flop.

A few days ago, it looked like he was going to shaft the Unions & Greens, with his saber-rattling at the education unions and side-lining of his Green minister Garrett. I now get the feeling he’s been taken out the back and ‘re-educated’, as he is now refusing to pursue reforms at the Labor Party’s next conference.

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