The Cowardice of the Left

For decades we’ve been harangued and screamed at about: women’s rights; women’s freedoms; women’s equality; women’s oppression. More importantly, we’ve been told how evil we are for perpetrating this abuse, which included anything, it seems, from birth control to women’s fashion.

So Channel 4’s ‘alternative’ to the Queen’s Christmas speech took on a very special significance for yours truly.

A British-born Muslim who delivered Channel 4's alternative Christmas message wearing a full veil was forced to keep her identity a secret yesterday.

The woman replaced Khadija Ravat, a 33-year-old Islamic teacher who pulled out earlier this month following criticism from both inside and outside the Muslim community.

Yesterday a Channel 4 spokesman said the decision not to identify her during the six-minute broadcast was taken to enable viewers to focus on her "words rather than her identity".
Balls. There are a lot of people out there who are very angry about this, and rightly so. I won’t go into the appalling capitulation this represents, in terms of posting this creature as the alternative voice to the British Head of State: The Queen of England. This is solely about meeting the face of ‘right on’ PC leftist feminism (which Channel 4 is infested with), and its reaction to a singularly serious threat to everything they claim to hold dear and to have been fighting for:

This post is not about the rightness or wrongness of feminism.

This post is about fear.

By this simple act, by so promoting the most poignant expression of female oppression in the West today (and by choosing to promote it in the way that they have), these representatives of the British left have told us something very simple:

. . .they have already surrendered – everything. . .

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