Leftist incompetence - an example

Remember the Canberra bushfires a few years ago, 500 homes burnt down, 4 lives lost? An inquiry was set up to look into all this which ACT chief minister Jon Stanhope tried to sabotage, he was scared stiff the inquiry would expose his incompetence and unfortunately for him, it did.

I heard him yesterday whining about how he tried his best at the time, I’ll tell you what his ‘best’ was. Instead of doing what ACT residents voted him in to do, Stanhope was busy -
  • Pushing for same-sex marriage.
  • Nominating Terry Hicks (father of David Hicks, our very own modern day traitor, therefore hero of the left) for father-of-the-year.
  • He also whined at the Howard governments anti-terror legislation that has led to exactly how many thousands being carted off in the cold of dawn to be tortured and executed, that’s right, none.
  • He’s been closing schools and shafting jobs and communities that go along with them. NOTE – when a leftist tells you they are for you ‘working families’, I guarantee you, they are going to shaft you.
That’s his best folks, I'll bet you didn't expect any this at voting time, and now he’s been called out for the incompetent leftist that he is.
In a scathing report into the fires handed down yesterday, ACT Coroner Maria Doogan accused Mr Stanhope and the Emergency Services Bureau of incompetence.

"My overall impression is that senior personnel at the Emergency Services Bureau lacked competence and professionalism and that the bureau was disorganised and was functioning in a chaotic, unco-ordinated fashion, particularly during the most critical period of the fires," she said.

Ms Doogan reserved some of her harshest criticism for Mr Stanhope, saying he misled residents by telling a radio interviewer on the day of the fires they should not be alarmed or anxious, saying a state of emergency was "essentially an administrative measure". "Minutes later, houses began to be destroyed," Ms Doogan.
And being the shameless leftist he is, he won’t resign. That’s why I say, don’t let leftists near anything, don’t give them any bit of power or responsibility, never give them money, and don’t even let them near your child’s piggy bank. They are so incompetent you can't let them take the trash out or butter toast.

I also noted that NSW opposition has been calling for an inquiry into NSW part in all this as one of the bushfires started in a NSW national park, it seems our own elected leftists have developed an intense interest in their navels.

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