We’ll take care of you

Here we have someone who wished the deaths of many thousands of infidels, so what if he is blind, he should have been sent out in a chain gang to clean the walls of American government institutions with a toothbrush, to set an example of terrible consequences to all future haters and plotters. Instead, it’s free room and board, halaal meals, carefully handled Korans and a stupid civil-rights lawyer passing his messages to his fellow jihadists in the name of fighting racism and oppression.
The imprisoned blind cleric who inspired the 1993 World Trade Center bombing has been hospitalized, raising fears of new attacks if he dies in U.S. custody, the FBI said in a bulletin. Radical Egyptian cleric Omar Abdel-Rahman, 68, spat up blood on December 6 and was rushed to a hospital, the FBI notice said.

He had a small tear in his esophagus and was treated with a "needed transfusion to replace lost blood," said the FBI bulletin to staffers. Medical personnel then discovered the cleric had a tumor on his liver, the FBI said.
If a westerner were to fall into the hands of the peaceful and tolerant, he’d be lucky to come back with his head still attached, let alone the right to adequate medical care. Rest assured America, your tax dollars will keep him alive, if he needs an operation you’ll cough up crisp dollars; if he needs a new liver guess who’s getting bumped further down the queue.

The best surgeons, hospitals etc, no waiting around to get an appointment like you, you lot just get back to work and pay your health insurance or else. Oh, and don't wait up for the left or their Jihadist Masters to acknowledge your kind nature.

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