On leftists and greenies

Today when I turned to the internet to find out what’s happening around the world, about 10 minutes later I realized two things.

First, if you find yourself in a bad situation and decide to ask leftists for help, you can be guaranteed of one of these two outcomes [sometimes both] if they offer to help.
  1. The promise of help is just a bald-faced lie, no help will come, don’t wait up for it, deal with it, it ain’t coming, get over it and make do with what you have.
  2. The help will come, but it won’t be what you want and the situation, that warranted your initial cry for help, will only get worse after they are done helping.
NATO commanders holding the line in Afghanistan have asked for more soldiers to help fight the resurgent Taliban, EU leaders pledged to intensify their efforts and vowed to do more by helping with health, justice and policing, but refused to send more troops. I think the NATO commanders are better off going down the World Vision route, setup a program to ‘Sponsor a Soldier’, $30 a month will provide two knee pads, a used M-16 and a weeks ammo, after that he’s on his own.

Second, if you want to save the planet, don’t look to the Greens, they just can’t do it, they are only good for the occasional protest, helping terrorist scumbags escape punishment, making you feel guilty for not using a horse & carriage for everyday transportation [wait till PETA gets hold of you then]. Don’t give the Greens any money; it only helps them to screw up more.

Apparently there is an organization in Australia called Greenfleet [I can hear our Australian readers groan, if you find the word ‘Green’ in any organization’s name, you can’t shake the feeling that some percentage of your tax dollar is directly or indirectly finding its way to this organization].

To cut a long story short, all you petrol-heads out there can enjoy guilt-free motoring by parting with 40 tax-deductible dollars. Give that to Greenfleet and they will plant 17 native trees on your behalf, these will form some sort of forest which will absorb the greenhouse gasses your mother-earth forsaken automobile spews out in a year.

Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it, but before you reach for your driving gloves and 40 dollars, as usual with Greens & Leftists, a ‘good idea’ is usually the only high-point of their grand schemes. You see trees need soil and land and Greenfleet doesn’t own vast spaces of open land where well-meaning Greenies can create forests with vegetarian Panthers, deer and cute pigs. Greenfleet provides the trees and well-meaning Greenies to plant them and a landowner (perhaps you, the V8 automobile driver) provides the land.

The problem is with the drought and landowners unwilling to let well-meaning Greenies near trees (we know how bad that can sometimes turn out), Greenfleet has been falling behind in finding suitable land to plant their trees in the last 3 years in NSW. Greenfleet has also run into another problem, when they plant on private land and the land gets sold, the new owner might not appreciate the dense forest and accompanying squawking birds, leaving the well-meaning Greenies to sob while the trees are bulldozed.

If you know a bit about Green policy, you won’t be surprised that they didn’t think of that in the first place, now that they can’t avoid reality any more, I’ll bet the solution they’ll provide will be an old Soviet-style collectivization scheme. Read the full article to see how they don’t seem big on facts and figures, like what’s happened to all the trees that they have planted so far.

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